How to get the most from this course

How To Get The Most From This Course

  • Have Basic Drawing Skills • This was mentioned on the sales page, but in case you missed it, you'll probably get the most out of this course if you have some basic drawing skills. You don't need to be Michelangelo, but being able to draw basic objects (I'm talking shapes and stick men here!) will be helpful. If you've already purchased the course and find it to be too advanced, I'd be happy to refund you but also consider keeping your enrollment! You can also take the free course "Drawing for Beginners" here.
  • Slow Down • It's easy to want to read through everything quickly and finish the course to feel accomplished, but you won't absorb the lessons if you do this. Instead, take your time to slowly read through everything. Actually do the exercises before you move on.
  • Raise Your Hand • Figuratively, of course! My primary goal is to make sure this course is helpful, valuable, and makes sense. If something isn't right for you, please let me know at [email protected] Your feedback will help make this course better for everyone who takes it after you.