A Visual Library is a mental collection of all the images you know how to draw and use on a regular basis. 

Visual libraries contain many literal things like objects, people, etc. but also may contain more complicated images like visual metaphors. Everyone has a Visual Library whether they know it or not! If you know how to draw something without looking at any kind of reference, it's in your library.

In this mini-course you will:

✓ Discover and document what is already in your Visual Library

✓ Grow the amount of images in your Visual Library

✓ Organize your Visual Library

Before we begin:

Iterating in public and sharing your work online has immense value to your personal development and growth. I urge you to share your work online or with others in your community because we can all learn from each other. I know it can be intimidating because it's easy to compare ourselves to others, but please be brave and share! If you decide to post your Visual Library on Instagram, please use the hashtag #sketchnoteacademy and #VisualLibrary so others can find your work, and feel free to tag @sketchnoteacademy.

Let’s get started!