How it works + Getting the most from this course

Why this course?

I created this FREE drawing course because drawing is often the biggest barrier to getting started with sketchnoting. I've lost count of how many times someone has told me "I love your sketchnotes. I wish I could do that, but I can't draw!" and it breaks my heart, because I believe that illustration is for everyone. Drawing is the human language and it's a critical communication tool everyone can use. You CAN draw, and I'm going to teach you how in this course.

How this course works:

  • This course is arranged in a specific order for a reason. Do the lessons in order and do not skip any lessons. Even if the exercises seem too basic, or silly, or you feel embarrassed... it's important that you practice. The skills you're learning in this course will build a solid foundation for the future.
  • This course is not bound by a timeline. You can complete the lessons at your own pace, but beware! It is VERY easy to put off coursework or not do it at all. I encourage you to put this course into your calendar and set a deadline to finish it. But...
  • Do not rush. These lessons are simple, but you will find more mastery of these skills if you practice them with regularity, not just the one time for an exercise. As you learn new skills, determine how you can practice them regularly. Sketchnoting and drawing is improved with regular practice over time.
  • Each lesson has exercises. Do them! Some exercises list additional challenges to help you keep practicing. The challenges are not necessary for you to do to move on, but they will help you in the long run. The entire purpose of the course is to get you practicing. If you do not do the exercises and practice, you will not find this course valuable.

How to get the most from this course:

  • Use the PDFs worksheets and continue to practice in a notebook/sketchbook. Keeping all of your practice work together will help you see progress. Adding dates is also helpful for tracking progress.
  • Use hashtags. #sketchnoteacademy and #SAdrawing if you post your exercises and practice on social media. Search those hashtags and encourage others on their work- These are your people! You can also use #sketchnotes and #visualnotes.
  • Share your work! I am a HUGE advocate for iterating in public and sharing your work online. It helps you see progress, it's a great way to get feedback from others, and you can find a lot of great ideas to implement in your own practice. Don't be shy or embarrassed! We all start somewhere.